Talas – or wonderful stories of bearded horse-guys and German cemeteries.

Some time ago, I left Bishkek for a weekend and visisted Talas, where the family of a friend of mine lives. Talas region is a beautiful place in a valley in between very high mountains. It is surrounded by mountain ranges which make it hard to enter (over a pass-road from the East) but make its nature all the more remarkable:

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Except for the nature there were some things that were new to me or that I had heard about but never really experienced with my own eyes and ears. It was pretty interesting so I wanna share three facts that Talas taught me:

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тыйын чычкан

тыйын чычкан

Some fun post for you: I was simply thrilled to see such a nice mókus at Lake Issyk-Kul!

In fact I’ve already seen lots of squirrels around here. As you can see they even look slightly different from ours – they often have white tails. Also they seem to be extremely trusting – even in the countryside.