New York Squirrels

Even though, New York (especially Manhattan) doesn’t have too much green space, of course you can find squirrels everywhere (a friend of mine called them New York’s rats of the trees – a rather unflattering account, I think)! The squirrels I found most amusing were jumping around in Central Park!

For everyone who’s wondering about why I post so many squirrels on my blog, click here.


It’s time for another tribute


тыйын чычкан

тыйын чычкан

Some fun post for you: I was simply thrilled to see such a nice mókus at Lake Issyk-Kul!

In fact I’ve already seen lots of squirrels around here. As you can see they even look slightly different from ours – they often have white tails. Also they seem to be extremely trusting – even in the countryside.