Жарко! – Ужас!

A sweating, fanning non-political post for today

Kitschy fan bought at DorDoi basar

Kitschy fan, my flatmate bought at DorDoi basar

I am sort of a heat-loving person, which is probably why I chose the most Southern place to practice my Russian (just kidding – but according to Wikipedia, Kyrgyzstan IS actually the most Southern spot having Russian as official language).

So, this week the long predicted heat arrived in Bishkek. Since my arrival the temperature was stuck at around comfortable 25 °C and we had several rainfalls – everybody told me this was not usual and that normally in summer, cold-blooded Europeans would always suffer from heat and drought in this beautiful country. In Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan in general the temperature is lower than in other parts of Central Asia (in Issyk-Kul, two weeks ago, I even needed a jacket in the evenings), because of the relatively high altitude (Bishkek is situated 800 m above sea-level). On the other hand, the city is built in a valley making it kind of stuffy, dusty and smoggy due to a lack of wind.

Anyway, since last Friday the temperature is rising (now at 38°C) and will reach its top at 42°C this upcoming Thursday. Already now, it’s getting kind of exhausting to move around noon, cycle to work with my newly bought bike and everybody is just constantly complaining about the heat.
I heard some rumors about a Kyrgyz official law guaranteeing working leave for the whole population once the temperature is up to a certain limit (I heard 38°C). Unfortunately, I have no clue, through which channels this leave should be communicated (nor how this law could possibly have gotton through, been introduced and/or controled… means: I doubt its existence!) and so I will continue sitting in the office, avoiding any movement and having the same conversation with workmates, sellers, acquaintances, taxi drivers and other random nice, sweating people:

– Так жарко! (It’s so hot!)

– Да, это ужас! (Yes, it’s horrible!)


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